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3D livelive is an Italian company based in Milan leaded by Giampaolo Vianello IT top manager ,expert in Hight Tech business, and former General Manager  La Fenice theatre in Venice,together with Francesco Stochino Weiss, event creator, producer musician, with an international creative team. The patent is by WTV Ldt  Hong Kong who licensed in excluve wolrd wide 3Dlivelive for any utilisation. 

Giampaolo Vianello

Giampaolo Vianello - VIRTUAL ARTS STUDIO

Giampaolo Vianello venician, has worked for over thirty years in the IT industry initially in the role of managers in national and international companies in the sector, then as an entrepreneur, setting up software company of primary importance at the national level. In 1993 he was appointed  as CEO of EDS Italy, a world leader in the outsourcing industry technology. In 1999 he founded the Par-Tec Group together with other entrepreneurs in the ICT sector, and took the office of president. From 2001 to 2010 he was also Superintendent of the Fondazione Teatro La Fenice.

Francesco Stochino

Francesco Stochino - VIRTUAL ARTS STUDIO

Francesco Stochino Weiss started to direct events in 1987 at the theatre La Fenice in Venice, broadcasted in 23 countries The most important events are, among others: “Carmen Mito del Gitano” which Josè Carreras in 1989, “Mozart Requiem da Sarajevo”  in 1994, from the ruins of Sarajevo’s library during the war In 2002 he starts a tv technological experimentation with “Inno alle Vette”, an event from the Vatican and other mountain locations for Pope John Paul II. A soprano, a chorus and an orchestra connected by 7 satellites perform a piece by Brahms in unison. The event is staged again in Beijing in 2004, an epoch-making occasion in which the Chinese capital is connected with Venice. In Beijing he also organizes the worldwide broadcast event “Invisible cities” during the 2008 Olympics from the Forbidden City.  The 3D project is another milestone in his life-long effort to bring technological innovation into the world of entertainment. 




3Dlivelive works in partnership with Insomnia company with exclusive management and distribution for central Europe and Middle East.